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SQL Server - 2000 - 2010

Sql Server is our specialty and have had great success transforming a sluggish or ineffective database or procedure into what is intended to do - make life easier. Below are a few services offered, but are no limited to these items.


Database Design

Create full database including Visio documentation - Proper initial database design is extremely important, a solid foundation is key in future efficiency and performance.

Partial database including Visio documentation - Ideal for a database where lack of continuity or general design results in poor performance and/or inefficient.

Reporting Services  Reporting Services, in our opinion, is the best improvement done on Sql Server since it's inception. Sql Server itself is a valuable tool in particular since the 2005 version has been released but Reporting Services now allows users to view the data without the purchasing of additional software. LanieT.com can produce anything from a very representation of your data to complex reporting packages.


Process Improvement

Stored Procedure Creation - In the event a firm has processes run manually by users using code altered at runtime to meet requirements, stored procedures can be created. Many times users are using templates that have been altered by many users and done in a way to essentially get the job done. We can create canned cleaned efficient procedures with automation in place to reduce the need for users to interact with code.

Stored Procedure Refinement - If you have a procedure that is either not doing as it should or taking much more time than expected we can help. We have found that the most complicated and advanced code development is not always the best. Sometimes many tiers of code are applied which can slow a process down. Simple and clean is our approach, no need for advanced coding that can be difficult to interpret later if not needed.

DTS Packages / SSIS - We can create and or alter packages to suit your specific needs. Automating the importing of dynamic file names as well as exporting is a way to save lots of time and errors. Stored Procedures coupled with automated DTS Packages or SSIS packages are a great way to move data from point A to Point B and sometimes C with data being processed with little to no intervention.

Overall Sql Healthcare - Update statement taking too long? Cursor bleeding your server dry? Join appears to have a motor of two mice behind it? We can help with them all. A specialty of LanieT is refinement. Supposing there is a process with so many lines of code that to decipher is nearly impossible. This is our strength, we take the puzzle apart and put it back together is an efficient organized manor.